Educational – Registering Your New Pure Enrichment Product

Online Registration Guide For Your New Pure Enrichment Product

First off, congratulations on your new purchase.  Hopefully you will enjoy much use of your new Pure Enrichment Products.  Pure Enrichment provides a variety of life enhancing products including air purifiers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and much more.  Many individuals find they have much better quality of life when they properly control their air environment.  Therefore, it makes sense that companies like Pure Enrichment are becoming so popular.  For instance, you will find their products all over at places like Amazon, Marshalls, Target and many other fine retailers.

If you purchased or received one of their items you have the opportunity to register your product online.  Sometimes product registration can be quite a hassle.  This particular registration process is very straight forward.  Even more important, when you register your product you receive a free extension of your warranty (up to 2 additional years with some products).  There is really no excuse not to take the three minutes and get your product registered.  Many customers will find that the process is completed in even less time than that if you have all of your information ready to go as outlined below.

Completing Your Registration With Pure Enrichment – Step By Step Guide

To complete the process you will need the following:

  • Online access and a compatible web browser
  • Your personal contact information
  • The product model number of your item
  • The place and date of purchase of your item

Upon arriving at the Pure Enrichment Registration site you will find the following form which requests the information outlined above:

Customers will be required to fill in each field of the registration form which includes basic personal information such as a valid email address, your name, your telephone number.  The only product information you will need is the model number so it is very simple to complete this registration.  Benefits of registration as outlined by Pure Enrichment include:

  • Extended product warranty at no cost to the product owner
  • Easy return process and quick customer service support if needed
  • Optional choice to opt in for product updates, giveaways and discounts

For some products, consumers are not sure if they should even bother registering.  With the added warranty bonus allowed for customers who register with Pure Enrichment, there really isn’t much of a debate here.  As this is a very straightforward and streamlined registration page, I would encourage all customers to get their product registered.  It will only take a minute and in the unlikely even you have an issue with your item, it could save you a huge headache down the road.