Banking Financial – Activate and Manage Prepaid Accounts

Activating and Managing Your KeyBank Giftcard Prepaid Account (Updated for 2019)

  • Activation of your prepaid KeyBank account can easily be completed online
  • Management of your account and account settings is easily available online after registering your card
  • Activation of your prepaid MasterCard will only take about a minute to complete

From its humble beginnings in Cleveland, Ohio, KeyBank has risen to become the 22nd largest bank in the nation in terms of deposits. They have achieved this by offering their customers a variety of options for financial services, from investment plans and insurance solutions to savings and checking accounts that are second to none.  KeyBank provides loan options which customers can use for purchases like a new home or a new automobile.  KeyBank provides services for both individuals and businesses.

KeyBank is also there for customers who would like some banking freedom without the constraints of a typical account. That’s why they offer prepaid MasterCard debit accounts. They make great gifts for those who want some flexibility with their finances and want to be able to shop whenever and however they want. Anywhere MasterCard is accepted, the KeyBank card is accepted too.  This card works just like any other debit card but can also be used with the “credit” option when checking out.

Why Choose A KeyBank Gift Card (Prepaid MasterCard)

The KeyBank Gift Card Prepaid MasterCard

As mentioned above, one of the main reason people get these cards is to give as gifts.  Many people may be asking what advantage does this card have to cash?  Well, the answer is that you get the added security benefits that come with using a card.  Unlike cash which can be easily lost or stolen and used by someone else, your prepaid card will have your name on it.  This provides an added level of security to help prevent someone else from using your hard earned money.  This is an obvious reason but there are actually many other good reasons to use a prepaid card like the KeyBank Gift Cards including:

  • Ability to make purchases online using your card information
  • Pay bills and set up payments that could not otherwise be made with cash
  • Manage your account funds and easily view your balance to stay on top of your finances

Prepaid cards are becoming very popular and they provide some huge benefits such as being able to access online shopping that could not be done with the old fashion gift of cash.  While cash is still king to many people, there are plenty of good reasons people choose to set up prepaid accounts as safer alternatives.  One final great thing about prepaid cards is that they do not require a credit check and will not impact consumer credit scores.

Registering Your New KeyBank Gift Card/Prepaid Card

  • Visit the promotional page to begin the process (
  • Click on the “Register your card” link to begin the registration process – you will be redirected to the registration form
  • Enter the full 16 digit card number in the required text field and click “Submit”
  • Follow the prompts on screen to register your card to begin using your funds immediately after registration
  • Confirm registration once all information has been correctly inputted in to the system
The full card number is required to set up your new card

Upon registration of your KeyBank prepaid card, an account will be created and you will receive a user ID.  This User ID will be used to manage your account online. Enter that ID on the promotional page to log into this account. From here, you can manage all aspects of your KeyBank prepaid account.  If you would like to add funds you can do so via this online account.  Customers will also be able to view recent transactions on their card, their current balance, and their account information.

For customers who have any questions or concerns whatsoever, you can contact customer service. A KeyBank prepaid card exists to make your life as easy as possible.

Contacting KeyBank:

  • 1-800-539-2968