As the old saying goes, “We live in a litigious society”.  There is no doubt about it, lawsuits are everywhere these days.  Most people routinely receive notices that they are involved in a new class action suit.  The problem is that it is very hard to know what actions may be required on your part to make sure you do not get left behind.  Complicated legal jargon can bog down the entire process and may mean you are not able to collect what is due to you.

We make every attempt to clarify the legal process required by consumers who are involved in huge class action suits.  Ultimately, all legal advice is just our best review of the matter and specific questions about your legal actions should always be done under the guidance of a qualified attorney.  With this said, we try to simplify some of the complicated steps required by people to submit a claim or remove themselves from a class action suit.

New class action suits are routinely announced in the United States and if you have a case you would like us to take a look at we encourage you to provide us the information and we will be happy to investigate.  When reviewing the specifics of a lawsuit we try to highlight some of the most common concerns people have including things such as:

  • Who is eligible to participate in a specific lawsuit
  • What products or services were included in this lawsuit
  • Why was the lawsuit filed and what action is required by class members
  • Specifics of filing a claim and whether the claim can be filed online
  • What supporting documents are necessary for submitting a claim

We will update this page with new class action lawsuits as they are available!