Product Registrations

In our opinion, not taking time to register your product is one of the biggest mistakes consumers make.  Typically the entire process takes just seconds to complete and it can be a lifesaver if you ever have an issue with the item your purchased.  We specifically focus on product registration which can be completed online.

There are many reasons to register your product but here are some of the big ones:

  • Quickly find your product information when contacting support
  • Registration sometimes provide added benefits such as longer warranty
  • Product registration means you don’t have to keep track of your product info
  • Resolve issues easily with online registration and support

When you buy a new product you are making an investment in this item.  Even so, many people neglect to register their product with the manufacturer.  While most companies do not explicitly require customers to register their purchase, it can make life much easier and avoid headaches in the future if you ever have issues with the item you bought.  When we take a look at product registry pages we always try to include information such as:

  • What product details are required for registration
  • Will you need a receipt or other proof of purchase
  • How long does the registration process take to complete
  • Who can you contact if you have questions or product issues in the future
  • Whether or not there any added benefits to completing registration beyond the obvious one

Here are some of the most popular product registration articles we have provided to simplify the registration process!  New product registries will be added when we find exciting to products that provide registry services.

  1. Registering Your New Dyson Product
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