Customer Surveys

Have you ever made a purchase and noticed on your receipt that the company is asking you to complete a survey?  Did you know that survey completion can provide free food, merchandise or even cash rewards?  Many people throw away these receipt with out a second thought, but at LinkzNow we recognize these as huge reward possibilities.

In addition to huge reward potential, completing customer surveys also provides you a chance to give a company a piece of your mind.  Whether you thought the experience was one of your best ever or had a horrendous time, companies want to know about this.  Online surveys are a great way for customers to voice their opinions about the time they had.  Was your food amazing or horrible?  Was the service impeccable or miserable?  Was the store clean or a dump?  These are the things companies need to know in order to improve your customer experience.

We try to provide information to make these customer surveys a breeze.  Details we include are the following:

  • What is the benefit of taking this survey?
  • What do you need in order to complete the survey?
  • How long will the survey take to complete?
  • Who is eligible to participate in the survey experience?

Be sure to send us your ideas for any surveys you find online that were confusing or difficult to complete.  We will make sure to provide a full write up and scour the internet to find details about how the survey can be completed.

Here are some of the most popular customer survey articles at LinkzNow.  Exciting survey opportunities will be added as we find new surveys to take a look at!

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  2. Savers Customer Satisfaction Survey