Survey – Savers Customer Satisfaction Survey

Savers Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • Savers is a second hand resale store which offers gently used apparel at a discounted price and makes one of the biggest focus of their business model the environmental impact of clothing manufacturing
  • If you recently made a purchase at Savers and have retained your receipt you will want to check to see if you were invited to participate in the Savers Customer feedback survey
  • Completion of this survey may result in discount offer for future purchases at Savers but in order to complete the survey you will need information which is only found on your receipt
  • Their are two type of invitations for this survey – one may be found on a receipt from a recent purchase but it is also possible it was from a receipt from a return or exchange – both are eligible

There are over 350 Savers locations throughout the United States.  Resale of gently used clothing is gaining rapidly in popularity for many reasons but one of the biggest may be the fact that clothing production emits a large toll on the environment.  Many stylish, environmentally concerned individuals are turning to second hand resale stores such as Savers to meet their fashion needs while also protecting the planet.  The plan is simple – individuals donate clothing to non-profits which then sort the clothing to find the cream of the crop.  This is when Savers comes in.  Savers purchases these items which benefits the non-profit but also provides Saver shoppers with deeply discounted clothing options which are only gently used.

Additional Information about the Savers Customer Survey:

  • Once you have navigated to the survey website you will need to reference your receipt to enter the survey code which is specific to the purchase or exchange
  • Once you complete the survey you will receive a code which can be written on to your receipt and brought back to Savers to use as your discount