Sweepstakes and Rebates

Here at LinkzNow we pride ourselves in seeking out some of the most exciting sweepstakes and rebate opportunities.  The great thing about these two things is that they are free and can provide some serious benefits.  Sweepstakes are going to be aimed at all consumers and a purchase is never necessary.  Rebates are going to aimed at customers who purchased a specific product which is eligible for a rebate.

Online sweepstakes are some of our most popular posts.  When we review a sweepstakes we make every attempt to clearly state the following:

  • How to enter the sweepstakes
  • What winners will receive for the sweepstakes
  • Who is eligible for the sweepstakes

Similar to sweepstakes, consumers should always be on the lookout for rebates.  Unlike sweepstakes, there is no luck involved here.  We take a look at some of the easiest to complete rebates so that you can make sure you are saving cash!  When we review a rebate we aim to include the following details:

  • What products are eligible for this rebate
  • Whether or not the rebate be completed online
  • What information will be needed to complete your rebate submission
  • Where can you find the necessary information for your rebate
  • How much money will the rebate provide for customers

Here are a few of our most popular sweepstakes and rebate posts at the moment.  This list will be updated as necessary!

  1. Lowe’s Rebates
  2. Coors Light Rebate