Financial – Lowe’s Online Rebate Center

Lowe’s CD Rebate Center (Updated)

  • Customers can check the status of a current rebate, submit a new rebate or view current rebate offers at Lowe’s stores
  • Customers can download the rebate form they need which can be printed if necessary
  • When searching for a rebate users can search by manufacturer or utility rebate offers or tax credits by product category, brand or ZIP code
  • The service is operated by Lowe’s LLC. and is for eligible purchases made at a Lowe’s location
  • Any questions about the Lowe’s CD Rebate Center can be directed to Customer Care at 1-800-445-6937 OR Products & Sales at 1-877-465-6937

When submitting a Lowe’s rebate online the customer will have to provide the purchase date, location number, invoice number and the Lowe’s department in which the product was purchased (i.e. hardware, garden, home).  The Lowe’s location number will be 4 digits long while the invoice number will be 5 digits in length and item availability and price may differ based on the Lowe’s location.  All of this information can be found on the receipt you were provided during the check out process.

Why Submit A Rebate with Lowe’s

If you were notified in store that your product comes with a rebate you absolutely should visit the Lowe’s Rebate Center to process your cash back.  Not doing so would be leaving money on the table.  Sometimes consumers worry that the process may be too difficult to make it worth the trouble the Online Lowe’s Rebate Center is very user friendly and most rebates can be completed quickly without much effort at all.  Rebates can provide great discount opportunties and even though the money saved is not seen immeadiately at the register, good things come to those who wait.

Services Available Through The Lowe’s Rebate Center

1. Submitting A New Lowe’s Rebate – This option would be for customers who made a Lowe’s purchase that is eligible for cash back in the form of a rebate.  Starting a new rebate will require customers to provide the information outlined above (Lowe’s location, invoice number, product information).  You will also have to provide your contact information in order for the rebate to be process and sent to you for redemption.

2. Checking The Status of a Lowe’s Rebate – After rebate submission has been completed customers can view the status of their rebate online.  Status will be available approximately 10 days after initial submission.  There are three methods available to look up your rebate status.

  • Enter your rebate tracking number provide at the time of rebate submission
  • Provide your mobile phone number and zip code which were used to submit your rebate
  • Enter your name and address to retrieve your rebate status

Any of these methods will work just fine but the easiest option is to simply enter your rebate tracking number.  Customers should hold on to this number until they have received their rebate.

3. View Current Rebate Offers – All current rebate offers will be listed but the search feature will allow customers to narrow done the results.  Once you have found the rebate your are interested in learning about you can click on it to view the full details.

Popular brands that offer rebates when shopping at Lowe’s?

  • John Deere (certain riding lawn mowers)
  • Samsung (Refrigerators and other appliances)
  • White-Rodgers
  • KitchenAid (home appliances)
  • Dewalt (yard trimmers and other tools)
  • Owens Corning (insulation)
  • Troy Bilt (lawn mowers)
  • HGTV HOME by Sherman Williams
  • LG Electronics
  • Keystone (AC units)
  • LUX (Thermostats)
  • General Electric (i.e. General Electric PWE23KGDBB Refrigerator)

Again, if you have already submitted your rebate and need to see what the status is you will need to access the check status link.  As mentioned above you must provide your name, address and zip code provided when the Lowe’s rebate was submitted OR the customer phone number and zip code OR the rebate tracking number. Before the initial 10 day processing time your rebate my not yet appear in the system.

What is a Lowe’s?

  • High end home improvement store based in the United States
  • Founded in 1946 under the name Lowe’s North Wilkesboro Hardware in The Tar Heel States aka North Carolina
  • Has over 1800 locations across the country

Lowe’s is a multi billion dollar firm and can be found on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol LOW.  The firm went public in 1998 and the stock sold for about $5 a share (now the stock is trading upwards of $90 per share).  Lowe’s, along with Home Depot, are two of the most successful home stores.