Financial – Citi Loan Personal Loan Invitation Page

Citi Loan Personal Loan Invitation Page:

  • If you are a Citi Credit Card cardholder you may have received an invitation from Citi Bank for a special offer to apply for a Citi Personal Loan which are often used to pay off higher interest debt
  • When you visit the main page for Citi Personal Loan invitations you will be asked to provide some information – the invitation code is found on the letter you received in the mail
  • Loan amounts, repayment terms, and interest rates can vary based on what you have been approved for and the selections you make for your personal loan through Citi Bank
  • In addition to your invitation code, you will be asked to provide your last name and your zip code which will allow verification of your personal offer available through Citi

Personal loans are becoming very popular options for consumers who are in need of paying off high interest debt.  Citi personal loan applicants can qualify for loans as loan interest rates as low as 7.99%.  Your loan amount approval and your interest rate will be affected by your creditworthiness so it is encouraged that applicants are familiar with their overall credit profile to to make sure there are not bad credit history issues which could be resolved to improve your creditworthiness.

Citi personal loan customers enjoy benefits such as no origination fee, no penalty if additional payment is made on the loan.  It is also important to note that simply checking your offer does not affect your credit history (not a hard credit check).

Exactly who might benefit from Citi Personal Loan?

  • If you have high interest debt such as credit card balances you may be a candidate for a personal loan – the trick is to determine if your APR (annual percentage rate can be reduced through a personal loan vs what you pay on your credit cards)
  • Consolidating multiple credit card debts to a single personal loan payment can save on interest rates and automatic payments can be set up to ensure timely payments