Financial – NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card Referral

NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card Referral:

  • Customers who are interested in a NetSpend Reloadable Debit card can visit the referral page and begin the application process for approval for your prepaid card
  • In order to apply for this card you will need to provide some personal information to verify your identity which will be required in order to be issued the NetSpend Card
  • Payment methods can be added to your NetSpend debit card which include options such as depost of a paycheck, government benefits and tax refunds
  • To participate in the referral program you will need to provide your referral code which allows you to take advantage of the referral sign up bonus for you and your referee

Prepaid debit cards are storming the financial scene, skyrocketing in popularity.  One of the biggest attractions to cards such as the NetSpend prepaid debit card is that you can link payment methods to your card which will automatically deposit funds as you determine.  For instance, if you would like to have your paycheck depositing to your NetSpend Card you can set this up so that your payments will be sent directly in to your account.

The NetSpend referral program provides customers the opportunity to earn sign up bonuses for the referred and the referee.  To determine what your new customer referral bonus will be you will need to check with your specific offer.  There may be minimum deposits required to meet your bonus so be sure to review the details to ensure a smooth bonus referral sign up process.

More Details Regarding the NetSpend Card and Referral Program:

  • No minimum balance or activation fee is associated with this card – funds can be reloadable as deemed necessary by the cardholder
  • Unlike credit cards, there is no credit check associated with this card – your credit history will not be reviewed and no credit check will be necessary