Promotional – Coors Light Rebate and Rewards Center

Coors Light Rebate and Rewards Center:

  • Before you can get started tracking your reward or rebate or starting a new rebate request you will need to verify your age to enter – website users must be 21 years of age
  • Once you have completed the age verification process you will then have access to the website including the option to begin a new rebate form which will require purchase information
  • To start a new rebate request you will first need to enter your Offer Code and the date of purchase – this will allow you to begin the process of submitting a rebate request for processing
  • You will need several pieces of information to submit your rebate including a scan or phone of your purchased product UPC and the receipt you received at the time of purchase

Coors Light is one of the most popular light beers in the United States and at times rebates or rewards will be offered for customers.  It is very important to remember you will need to retain the information from your purchase in order to submit rebate requests therefore you should not immediately throw away your receipt and UPC found on the box.

If you are trying to track an existing rebate request you can follow the tracking link on the main page and then enter your tracking number you received when submitting your rebate.  You will then be directed to your rebate status.  If you do not have a tracking number you can also search using your name and zip code.

More Details Regarding The Coors Light Rebate and Rewards Center:

  • If you are submitting rebate requests for multiple products you will need to enter the quantity purchased and the purchase verification for each of the items
  • Rewards will be shipped once they are processed to the address you provide during the rebate submission