Educational Tech – Audatex Estimating Customer Support Portal

Audatex Estimating Customer Support Portal:

  • Audatex users can find the support portal as a useful source of assistance and useful source of training material when they are having trouble using the Audatex Estimating System
  • The first step to receiving customer support is providing the session key you may have received from an Audatex customer support agent this can be entered and submitted in the requested field
  • To access the online training webinars and additional training resources you can follow the link which will redirect you to a page where you can log in to your account to retrieve materials
  • When visiting the Online Training center you can also enter as a new user which will assist you through the set up process to begin using a new account with Audatex Estimating

Using customer support services can be a lifesaver when you are caught in a jam with a software or service – especially when it is an integral part of you job.  Audatex is one of the most widely used estimating platforms in the automotive collision repair industry and if you are having issues with the platform you can visit the support portal to receive assistance with use or problems you are having.

If you have received a session key you can then further the assistance you are receiving which can include receiving remote assistance in which a technical representative can have remote access to your machine in order to attempt to correct any issues you may be having.  This is agreed to when you submit a session key through the main portal website.

More Details Regarding Audatex and Body Shop Help Portal:

  • This online portals makes use of the Bomgar software which allows for remote access to computers so that technical services can be provided without on site visit
  • If you have a Audatex account you can visit the training center at any time to log in using your username and password to access your account profile


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