Educational – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Tools and Resources

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Tools and Resources:

  • Consumer Finance is a organization which oversees and regulates many consumer credit related services such as credit reporting and loan information
  • If you are visiting this website you can use a variety of tools and services which can help you understand your credit profile and recent credit report information you may have received
  • The Finance Bureau provides consumers with information regarding relevant topics such as mortgage process, credit history and credit score, and much more
  • If you have been a victim of credit or identity fraud/theft you can visit the Consumer Financial Protection website to learn about resources and actions you can take

Consumer finance can be quite the headache for non-experts.  The complicated terminology and extensive knowledge required to make informed financial decisions is something that should be carefully reviewed prior to making any major credit or loan decisions.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is designed to provide all of the resources consumers need to make informed decisions and understand the details of their credit decisions.

Many people learn about this resource after they have been subject to something such as a credit check.  If a bank runs your credit score for something such as a credit card application you may receive a notification which provides the results of the credit pull.  The information will often include your credit score and the source from which the score was obtained.

Additional Information Regarding the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

  • Under the Tools and Resources heading consumers can find a frequently asked question section which will provide information about the most common questions
  • For home buyers, it is important to make sure you understand the specifics of your mortgage – the bureau provides a wealth of resources regarding the process and implications of a loan


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