Financial Tech – MetroPCS Customer Rebate Center

MetroPCS Customer Rebate Center:

  • The MetroPCS Customer Rebate Center allows rebate recipients to access all aspects of their rebate process from submission to balance checking
  • No form mailing is needed if you submit  your rebate online – simply complete and submit the online rebate form to complete the rebate submission process
  • If you are attempting to find the proper rebate form you can use the online rebate submission form or find a printable form which can be completed and mailed in
  • Customers can also track their already submitted rebate by following the tracking link and enter their tracking number or by entering their phone number and zip code

MetroPCS provides a variety of services and products but are most noticeably known for their very competitive mobile phone service.  MetroPCS offers phone plans which provide the same services as comparable plans (such as coverage and internet speeds) but many customers find their plans to be more cost effective than some competitors.  If you have purchased a product or service from MetroPCS which is eligible for a rebate you will need to complete the rebate form to qualify to receive the rebate.

Once  you have submitted your rebate and received your rebate card you can check the rebate balance through the rebate center website.  The rebate card is a Citi Prepaid card and when visiting the rebate center you can find a link which will redirect you to the prepaid card website which allows you to view your current balance.

Additional Information about the MetroPCS Rebate Center:

  • If you are having trouble submitting your rebate there is a live chat service available and this link can be found on the main rebate page
  • Rebates with MetroPCS may take up to 12 weeks to process and deliver but you can check for up to date status using your rebate tracking number