Tech – Zipcar Zipcard Activation

Zipcar Zipcard Activation: If you live in a major metropolitan area in the United States (or even in some locations in Europe and other parts of the world) you may have begun to notice Zipcar services operating in your area.  The Zipcar service is aiming to reshape the way consumers rent cars or even just […]

Tech – Universal Pictures Digital Copy Movie and TV Show Redemption

Universal Pictures Digital Copy Movie and TV Show Redemption: Digital collections of media is quickly replacing traditional hard copies.  In the past, people generally would need a copy of their movie or television show on VHS, DVD, or Blu Ray but now many consumers are opting for digital copies over physical copies as their media […]

Educational Tech – Audatex Estimating Customer Support Portal

Audatex Estimating Customer Support Portal: Audatex users can find the support portal as a useful source of assistance and useful source of training material when they are having trouble using the Audatex Estimating System The first step to receiving customer support is providing the session key you may have received from an Audatex customer support […]

Educational Tech – Microsoft Support Verification Code

Microsoft Support Verification Code: If you have been directed to the Microsoft Account Verification website in order to retrieve a verification code for support services you will need to access your account (sign-on) first To sign in your account you will need to provide either your account email address, phone number, or skype address – […]