Tech – Universal Pictures Digital Copy Movie and TV Show Redemption

Universal Pictures Digital Copy Movie and TV Show Redemption:

Digital collections of media is quickly replacing traditional hard copies.  In the past, people generally would need a copy of their movie or television show on VHS, DVD, or Blu Ray but now many consumers are opting for digital copies over physical copies as their media medium of choice.  Universal Pictures provides many of their most popular movies and television series available to customers in the form of digital copies.  The digital copy needs to be redeemed before a customer will have access to the entertainment.  This process can be completed online using the digital copy code you received when you made the purchase.

Here Are The Steps Required To Complete A Digital Copy Redemption Of Your Universal Pictures Media:

  • When you purchase a digital copy you will receive a code which will need to be entered in the main redemption website to initiate the process – without this code you will be unable to redeem a digital copy
  • Once you have provided your unique code you will then need to select the retailer from which you made your purchase and you will be able to continue to the final redemption step
  • Once you have completed the process your digital copy will be immediately available for you to stream through a compatible device such a smart TV, computer or laptop, phone or many other options

Digital copies are popular for many reasons but perhaps most of all is the flexibility to enjoy your program anywhere you take your digital enabled device.  Whether you are enjoying your entertainment on your smart phone while on the go or on your television at your home you only need access to your account which has your digital library available – no more restraints of physical media devices like DVDs.