Tech – Zipcar Zipcard Activation

Zipcar Zipcard Activation:

If you live in a major metropolitan area in the United States (or even in some locations in Europe and other parts of the world) you may have begun to notice Zipcar services operating in your area.  The Zipcar service is aiming to reshape the way consumers rent cars or even just the way consumers commute in general – it takes the complicated aspects of car rental away and streamlines the process.  The basic idea behind the service is that you register with Zipcar and provide all of your required personal and verification information necessary to use the service.  Once you are approved you will be sent a Zipcard which will essentially be used as a key for your Zipcar.  Your Zipcar will be at a specified location and once you confirm a reservation for a car you simply arrive at the car to pick it up and begin using the automobile.

Details Regarding The Zipcar Service and Activating Your Zipcard:

  • Once you visit the activation page you can follow the activation link to enter your account details (email and password previously created) and then you can verify receipt of your card to activate
  • Once your card is activated you can begin using the Zipcar service – simply set your reservation time off pickup and how long you will need your car and you can pick up your card when needed
  • A full list of locations where Zipcar is available can be found on the interactive map on the main Zipcar website which allows users to know which locations they can expect to have the service available to them
  • Creating a new account for the first time will require you drivers license information and you will need to provide a valid payment method during the initial account setup

Thanks to the prevalence of mobile phones with internet access services like Zipcar are able to provide revolutionary ideas for customer services.  Zipcar is a whole new approach on car rental and if you are someone who frequently requires rental services it could be an excellent option to meet your specific needs and certainly provides a level of convenience unmatched by most traditional car rental services.