Credit – US Bank Business Credit Card Offer

US Bank Business Credit Card Offer:

  • US Bank is one of the country’s largest banks is and is well known for their range of credit cards including both personal consumer credit card and small business credit cards
  • If you are a small business owner who has received and invitation to apply for a US Bank Small Business Credit Card you will need to visit the invitation page to accept your offer
  • The most important thing to remember is that you will need to provide the invitation number you received with your offer so you should not throw away your personal offer letter
  • To begin the application process you will need to enter the invitation code as well as your zip code – this will allow you to proceed to your personalized application

Small business owners have an immense variety of options available when it comes to lines of credit.  Many banks offers small business credit cards which can be a great tool to allow your business to have the funds it needs to meet business requirements.  If you are interested in applying for a new small business credit card and have received an invitation from US Bank you can take advantage of the offer by completing the application and seeking approval.

US Bank is the issuer of the credit card and there are both Visa and MasterCard business cards provided for consumers.  For customers who already have an account with US Bank, you can simply follow the login link and ignore the invitation fields.

More Details Regarding The US Bank Small Business Credit Card:

  • Receiving an invitation to apply will still require you to complete the full credit card application verifying your ID and reviewing financial information
  • If you have been approved and received a new card you can register your online account which will allow you to access your account details and view your transaction summary