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Credit 9 Personal Loans

Have you received a mail offer from Credit9 to consolidate your debt with a personal loan? If so, it is possible you have some questions. Let’s take a look at this offer and review what a personal loan may mean for you.

Personal loans are fairly straightforward debt consolidation transactions. You will be lent a specified amount at an agreed upon interest rate. These funds can then be used to pay off high interest debt like credit cards. The lower interest of your personal loan is what allows you to save money.

Pro Tip! Be sure to compare your interest rates and TOTAL costs before accepting any personal loan offer to understand the complete repayment fees. Online loan calculators can be very helpful for this!

Apply.Credit9 – What The Mail Offer Provides

If you have received a pre-approval offer from credit 9 you are invited to provide your reservation number at the main application website (Apply.Credit9.com). The reservation number will be found on the offer you received in the mail.

There is no credit check for reviewing you offer. Your credit score will not be impacted simply for reviewing your loan rates.

After providing your reservation number and information you will be provided with your loan terms for review. You should compare your loan offer to competitors to determine which company offers the best deal for your specific circumstances.

Credit9 Reviews and Concerns

Credit9 has an A+ rating with the BBB but checking their BBB profile does raise some concerns about their products. Many customers have reported that the offer they provided in the mail did not match the offer they received when they applied.

Switch and bait. This is not Personal loan. The interest rate was at 24%! No thank you!” – Laura

It is worth pointing out that 24% interest rate is complete absurd for a Personal Loan. You should always review your offer no matter which company you are doing business with.

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