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My Clin Card

  • Manage your ClinCard quickly and easily online
  • Create an online account using the 16-digit ClinCard number
  • Check your ClinCard balance and transfer info online

ClinCard is the preferred mode of payment for clinical trials throughout the United States. Greenphire, the operator of the card, manages this payment technology and offers support through their customer service department. Now, holders of ClinCard can access their account info online by registering for an account. It’s totally free and only requires the 16-digit card number. Cardholders will also need to set a personal PIN code for their ClinCard upon activation, which will allow them to get cash advances from ATMs and bank windows.

Steps to creating a ClinCard online account

  • Log onto your Internet and navigate to ClinCard’s home page (see below)
  • Select the “register account” tab
  • Enter your 16-digit ClinCard number into the field when prompted
  • Select a username, password, and provide your email address
  • Select “register account”

The ClinCard operates almost identically to any standard debit/credit card issued by any bank. The ClinCard offers both debit/credit features, and it can be used at any major bank throughout the country. There is no fee incurred for retrieving a cash advance via a bank window, but ATM charges will likely apply. There is no fee for checking ClinCard balances via the automated phone system (see below), and neither is there a fee for making in-store or online purchases.

Those who do not use their ClinCard for three months will incur a fee, as will having customer service request a lost or stolen card. This can be avoided by requesting a new card directly through the sponsor. Those who use their ClinCard at a gas station or restaurant should know that the card will likely be pre-authorized for an amount greater than the bill, so they should make sure to have enough funds to cover the pre-authorization. Only the sponsor can add additional funds to a ClinCard.

Contacting ClinCard customer service

  • 1-866-952-3795