Educational – Phillips Sonicare Register Your Product Page

Phillips Sonicare Register Your Product Page:

  • If you have recently purchased a Phillips Sonicare product you can visit this page to register your new product which will allow you to reference your specific product in the future
  • By registering your product you confirm that you are the owner of this particular piece of mouth care equipment which is useful in the rare event that warranty care is needed
  • To complete your product registration you will need to identify your specific item (more on this soon) and then register this product with your personal contact information
  • You will need to have your product name available during the registration process as well as your product model number and the date on which you made the purchase

Phillips Sonicare Products are a vast collection of oral healthcare devices which are known for their industry leading features.  Sonicare is perhaps the most recognized name in the electric toothbrush arena.  If you recently purchased a Sonicare device you are eligible to register this device so that it is forever assosciated with your purchase.  The benefit of registering a device is so that in the future, if the device would ever need to be serviced or you would ever need to reference potential warranty information, you can easily reference your purchase when contacting the manufacturer.

There are several ways to select your product on this website – you can select the product from a list of eligible SoniCare products.  You can also provide the barcode number which can be found on your original packaging.  Finally, you can provide the products model number.  Once you have identified the correct product, you can then enter your personal information to reference your device in the future.

Additional Information Regarding Phillips Sonicare Product Registration: 

  • You will need a active email address to complete the registration product and confirm your registration
  • Registrants can select to receive promotional information and discounts during the registration process