Financial – Magic Bullet Warranty Registration

Buy The Bullet Register

  • Register a Nutri Bullet product online
  • Requires the serial number, date of purchase and location of purchase (i.e. K-MART, Bed Bath and Beyond)
  • Magic Bullet warranty registration will take about 5 minutes to complete
  • Associated with 16 Nutri Bullet products (i.e. Juice Bullet, Baby Bullet)
  • Any questions about the Bullet warranty registration can be directed to a customer care agent at 1-855-346-8874 Monday through Sunday from 9am to 8pm ET

Please note if the customer fails to produce the serial number associated with the Nutri Bullet product they will be unable to register the product.  The serial number will always be found on the product itself.  If for whatever reason the serial number is not located please dial 855-356-8874 and speak with a customer care agent.

All products associated with the Buy The Bullet warranty offer?

  • NutriBullet (most popular)
  • NB Pro
  • RX
  • Magic Bullet
  • Dessert Bullet
  • Sports Edition (designed for athletic consumers)
  • Juice Bullet (a juicer like device)
  • Back 2 Life
  • Party Bullet (comes in the shape of a wine glass)

NutriBullet, LLC takes pride in the superior quality and craftsmanship of their bullets compared to other blenders on the market.  The firm attempts to make every customer happy and offers a very generous one year free of defects return policy which means if the bullet fails in any way they will replace it free of charge.

More Bullet Warranty Notes

  • Customers have the option to purchase a 4 year additional warranty place
  • Standard everyday wear and tear are not covered by the Buy The Bullet warranty
  • The warranty cannot be transferred and can only be used by the person whom originally purchased the bullet in question

Please note NutriBullet officially defines the warranty program under these terms “if the NutriBullet stops operating to your satisfaction due to defects in materials or workmanship”.  It should also be noted that in some cases the company will not replace the Bullet but rather fix it (depending on the severity of the problem/fix).