Financial – Chase Year End Credit Card Summary Page

Chase Year End Credit Card Summary Page:

  • Visitors to this web page are able to log in to their Chase credit card account and access their year end summary page which provides a full overview of the year that has been
  • In order to view your year end summary through this page you will need to first log in using your Chase Credit Card account information which includes your user ID and password
  • Once you are logged in you can then select the year end summary you wish to view – two options are available for viewing – users can download a PDF file or open the document in browser
  • If you have more than one credit card through Chase, your credit card summaries will be kept separate for each card to allow users to view summaries specific to a particular card

One of the most difficult tasks for financial well being is remaining cognizant of your spending habits.  This is something which is much easier said then done.  Chase provides their credit card users with a year end summary of their credit card purchases.  The power of this summary is not simply reviewing a list of all of your expenditures but rather the ability to look at them by category to learn about your particular spending habits for the past year.  Each purchase is broken down in to specific categories such as shopping, travel, groceries, automotive, home improvement and more.  Your purchases will also be broken down by month so that you can review your monthly expenditures as well.  This is a very powerful personal finance tool which allows Chase customers to look back on their purchases and learn more about their financial behaviors to find ways to improve their credit usage.

Additional Information about Chase Year End Summaries:

  • Once you log in you will be able to access all of your year end summaries which are available for the card you selected
  • If you need to navigate between credit cards the last 4 digits of your card will be displayed to allow users to easily switch from one account to the other


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