Educational Financial – National Student Loan Data System for Students

National Student Loan Data System for Students:

  • This website is an official government website designed for students to view their federal student loan information and serve as a central hub for student loan related information
  • The information found for an individual student is a collection of information available from sources such as universities, loan issuing agencies and the Department of Education
  • One important distinction worth noting is that a student who has taken out private loans would have to find that loan information with their lender as these are not federals loans
  • Students can log in to the NSLDS system if they have already created an account or students can create an account along with a Federal Student Aid ID

Student loan debt is one of the largest sources of consumer debt in the world.  Many people happily ignore this issue yet it is becoming a bigger and bigger source of economic ruin for many recent graduates.  One of the best ways to stay on top of your student loan debt is to know what your individual debt is and to understand your options for addressing this debt.  Students can visit this website to review their federal student loans and determine the best way to handle their debt.

Many companies and consolidation offers are going around which seem to be an enticing way to lower your payments.  Readers of this blog will know that it is stongly encouraged that any financial decision be reviewed thoroughly before agreement.  Many companies are advertising lower payments at the expense of longer terms.  While this may be beneficial for some people, it is important you research the bottom line before the restructuring of ANY loan.

Additional Information about The NSLDS Website:

  • Students can manage their contact information as it relates to their federal student loans through this portal
  • Current and future education enrollment can be managed through the NSLDS website