Lawsuit – Wendy’s Data Breach Class Action Settlement

Wendy’s Data Breach Class Action Settlement – For Impacted Customers Only First and foremost, this class action lawsuit only applies to customers who made purchases using a credit or debit card between October 25th, 2015 and June 28th, 2016 at Wendy locations which were impacted by the data breach.  Customers can find if their location […]

Lawsuit – Babyganics Products Class Action Suit

Babyganics Products Class Action Suit: Recently out of the US District Court for the Southern District of New Your State a proposed settlement has been reached over the marketing which was used to advertise Babyganic Products.  While final approval has not be reached in this class action settlement, customers who bought eligible Babyganic products between […]

Lawsuit – British Airways Frequent Flyer Settlement

British Airways Frequent Flyer Settlement: A class action settlement was reached between plaintiffs and British Airways based on fuel surcharges which were applied to customers who were redeeming frequent flyer rewards.  In the case of class action suits, settlement which is reached is applied to all members within the class identified during the case review.  […]

Lawsuit – Mercedes-Benz Seat Heater Class Action Settlement

Mercedes-Benz Seat Heater Class Action Settlement: Mercedes Benz customers who owned or leased a car which has heated seats (model years between 2000-2007 – additional details on affected details below) may be affected by a preliminary approval of a class action settlement.  This class action suit is in regards to heated seats which may have […]