Lawsuit – Babyganics Products Class Action Suit

Babyganics Products Class Action Suit:

Recently out of the US District Court for the Southern District of New Your State a proposed settlement has been reached over the marketing which was used to advertise Babyganic Products.  While final approval has not be reached in this class action settlement, customers who bought eligible Babyganic products between the dates of September 7th, 2010 and June 26th, 2018 would be eligible participants in this lawsuit.  For this settlement, the only way to be compensated if the settlement is approved is to complete a claim for which can be done online through the main claims website at  Claim forms will need to be completed by October 28th, 2018 to be eligible for payment.

Eligibility and Completing Your Claim Form:

Completing your claim can be done one of two ways – 1) class members can complete the online claim form or 2) class members can print the claim for and mail it in the file their claim by mail.  This claim is easily able to be determined if individuals are eligible because the claim includes any and all Babyganic products which were purchased between the dates relevant to the lawsuit.

  • Completing your claim online can be done using a claim number and claim code to retrieve your file
  • If you do not have existing claim information you can begin a new claim by completing the online form
  • Payments will not be issued until the lawsuit has processed through final approval which set for hearing on November 14th, 2018
  • An online PDF is available to print which allows participants in this claim to file their information by mail (the same deadline applies for online and mail)

It is important to note that this claim has not processed through to the point where payments will be issued.  Currently claimants are encouraged to complete their claim in a timely manner and if the suit proceeds payments will be issued based on the final court determinations.  The defendants (Babyganics) maintains that they did nothing wrong have accepted to fault in their advertisement – this claim was the result of advertising claims including specific terms that were used to describe products.

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