Financial Lawsuit – Kolinek v. Walgreen, CO.

prescription call settlement

  • Website contains info regarding the Kolinek v. Walgreen, CO. class action lawsuit
  • Case No. 13-CV-04806
  • A settlement has been reached in the lawsuit

The website listed above provides info regarding the Kolinek v. Walgreen, CO. class action lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that the defendant (Walgreens) violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending automated calls without consent to pharmacy customers’ cellular phones in order to remind them that their prescription was due for a refill. The Settlement Class claims that Walgreens violated federal law when they made these calls without consent. Walgreens, on the other hand, denies any and all wrongdoing, and maintains that these pre-recorded calls were necessary medical alerts benefiting their customers and that all calls were made with consent. The Settlement Class includes anyone who received a pharmacy call from Walgreens before 4/3/15.

Relevant dates in the Kolinek v. Walgreen, CO. class action lawsuit.

  • The exclusion deadline was 7/17/15
  • The objection deadline was 7/17/15
  • Claim filing deadline was 7/22/15
  • Final approval hearing was 8/5/15
  • The final fairness hearing was continued to 8/24/15 at 9:30 a.m.

The Kolinek v. Walgreen, CO. settlement provides cash payments to Class Members from an account created by Walgreens. Walgreens has allocated $11 million for this account, and the individual payments to Class Members will demand on exactly how many people have filed to be members of the Settlement Class. If the individual payment turns out to be less than $15, Walgreens will pay the difference.

Another part of the settlement involves Walgreens implementing protocol changes that ensure all pre-recorded phone calls sent to customers are done with their consent. Walgreens also undertakes to improve relations so they better identify their customers’ communications preferences.

The entire court order is available online at the web address listed above.

Contacting Class Counsel

  • 1-866-354-3015