Financial – ACE Elite Prepaid Card Referral

ACE Elite Prepaid Card Referral:

  • ACE Elite Cardholders who have been referred to open a new card can visit the main referral page if they would like to begin a form which will be used to process your new card application
  • Currently, ACE Elite is offering ten dollars to cardholders who refer a friend or family member who opens a new card and who also deposits at least $40 on their new card
  • In addition to the person sending the referral, the person who receives the referral will also be eligible for the $10 bonus when they make the required deposit on their new card
  • Be sure to check the main referral page to learn about current referral options and what requirements are necessary in order for the referral bonus to take affect such as deposit requirements

Many consumers are turning away from the dangerous trap of interest fees that come along with credit cards and instead are turning to prepaid debit cards.  Unlike credit cards, you do not make purchases on credit but rather use funds which you add to your card directly so that you never have to make payments on debt.  The ACE Elite Visa Prepaid card is one such card which is very popular with consumers.

The referral program can be utilized by visiting the referral page and filling out the form including the referral code you received from the referral you were given.  You will also need to provide information to verify your identity.

More Information Regarding the ACE Elite Prepaid Card and Referral Program:

  • Applying for this card does not require a credit check your your credit score and history will remained unaffected by issuance of a card
  • Direct deposit is available on the ACE Elite Card so cardholders are able to make recurring deposits such as their paycheck directly on to their card