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  • Search for Indiana court case files using case number, citation number or cross reference
  • Online search tool filters cases by court to find your specific case
  • Learn about bulk data requests
  • Search options allow searching by case, party or attorney

The judicial branch of the Indiana state government has updated their search system to maximize efficiency. Now, those who would like to access records of state court cases can do so quickly and easily right from Here, users will find case information sorted by court, and those with scholarly or journalistic interests can glean information on bulk data requests. This is made possible through the Odyssey Case Management System, a revolutionary file program that puts the data right at the user’s fingertips. The case info in question comes only from those courts currently using Odyssey, although many outside the system are scheduled to start using it in the near future.

Indiana courts that offer case information via Odyssey and

  • Supreme court
  • Appeals court
  • Tax court
  • Circuit courts
  • Superior courts
  • City courts

Actually using the system is a breeze, and it can be accessed by anyone in the public sphere looking for case information. To find case data, simply go to the home screen and select a location from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner. Enter the characters as seen in the CAPTCHA image. (If you can’t decipher the characters, click on the audio button for help.) Enter the case number or the cross-reference number in the required field, and then enter the case status, whether it’s open or closed. You can also enter the date the case was filed if you have this information. Then click the “Search” button at the bottom of the screen to retrieve your case info. This search tool covers civil, family and probate case records.

Contacting the State of Indiana

  • 1-800-457-8283