Lawsuit – Packaged Ice Class Action Antitrust Settlement

Packaged Ice Class Action Antitrust Settlement:

  • This class action settlement is part of an anti-trust case which was settled for ice purchased from several ice packaging companies which were all part of this settlement
  • If you are part of either of the two classes represented in this settlement, you can visit this website to begin the claim form to complete your claim to your part of this settlement
  • There are two settlement classes – Class 1 is represented by any individual who purchased from the identified companies and class two is for state specific class members who purchased ice
  • The deadline to apply to be part of this claim class is May 17th, 2017 – after this time claim form will no longer be accepted as part of this class action suit

This class action settlement is for a case which was brought up due to alleged anti-trust violations.  The companies recognized by this lawsuit include the following: The Home City Ice Company, Reddy Ice Holdings, Inc Arctic Glacier, Inc., Arctic Glacier International, Inc., Arctic Glacier Income Fund, and Reddy Ice Corporation.  This class action suit is specific to individuals who purchased ice indirectly from these companies.  What this means, is that you purchased the ice from a business reselling the product such as a grocery store, a gas station, or another vendor which carried the ice products.  The ice products are typically sold in bags as cubes but may also have been purchased as a block product.

Additional Information about the Home City Ice Settlement:

  • Members of either class of this lawsuit can visit this website and follow the link to activate the claim form
  • All form items denoted with an asterisk (*) must be completed – this includes information such as your first and last name and your home address
  • It is important to remember that the settlement website must be reviewed for current and official information regarding this settlement – the settlement website is the only official information regarding this settlement