Lawsuit – Canon Inkjet Printer Litigation Class Action

Canon Inkjet Printer Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

  • Provides info on the Canon Inkjet Printer Litigation
  • Case # 2:14-cv-32-35-LDW-SIL
  • Claim form is due no later than 12/7/15

This settlement concerns defendant Canon USA and the allegations that the company knowingly sold printers containing defective print heads. Plaintiffs assert that these print-head issues commonly resulted in a “UO52 —Print Head Error” message, which prevented the printer from functioning properly. Various plaintiffs filed multiple lawsuits, which were consolidated into a single lawsuit. The court has not ruled for or against Canon, and they maintain that their printers are not defective whatsoever. On 12/4/15, a court hearing will be held to determine whether to grant final approval of the settlement. Those who wish to opt out of the settlement must submit their intent to exclude themselves in writing to the Claims Administrator no later than 11/24/15.

You could be eligible to be a class member of you purchased one of the following printer models

  • iP series
  • iX series
  • MG series
  • MP series
  • MX series
  • PRO 9000 MKII

A full list of the specific printer models can be found at the promo page (see below). Those who do qualify as a Class Member are entitled to certain benefits as outlined in the Settlement Notice. Principally, Canon USA will extend the warranties of Class Members nine months after the original expiration date of the warranty. Additionally, Canon USA is offering cash payments ($50) or vouchers ($75) to Class Members who are deemed eligible. Settlement Class Members are not bound by any limits to how many vouchers or cash payments they may receive; however, the total “settlement fund” is capped at $930,000. Once this limit is paid out, class members will no longer be entitled to benefits.

Contacting the Canon Inkjet Printer Settlement