Lawsuit – PharMerica Junk Fax Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

PharMerica Junk Fax Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

  • Contains info on the Pines Nursing Home (77), Inc. v. PharMerica Corporation
  • Class members include those who received faxes from PharMerica between 10/29/09 and 8/27/10
  • This is a $15 million class action settlement

This page offers details on the PharMerica Junk Fax Class Action Lawsuit Settlement. The case is being contested in the Southern District of Florida, Miami Division, and the case number is: 1:13-cv-23924-CIV-MOORE/MCALILEY. As insinuated in the name, plaintiff alleges that the defendant sent a series of “junk” faxes to Claim Members during the aforementioned settlement period, and that these faxes qualify as advertisements, which is in violation of the TCPA. Plaintiff also alleges that PharMerica sent up to 110 of these faxes promoting the company’s “symposia/exhibition” series.

Important facts regarding the PharMerica Junk Fax Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

  • The parties reached the proposed settlement after three days of mediation
  • Request for exclusion from the Settlement Class elapsed on 9/15/15
  • All Class Members who submit a valid claim form will receive a payment
  • Claim form submissions are due no later than 10/15/15
  • A final approval hearing is set for 11/12/15

Anyone who received one of these “junk” faxes during the settlement period are eligible to be Class Members and are invited to submit a claim form, which can be done online. While $15 million is the total settlement fund, individual Class Members are entitled to a minimum $156.50 payment per fax, or a maximum of $300 per fax. Potential Class Members should know that they are not required to present physical copies of these faxes. This lawsuit has produced a record of all faxes sent during the settlement period.

Contacting the Settlement Administrator

  • 1-844-245-3769
  • Symposia Settlement, c/o Heffler Claims Group, P.O. Box 58430, Philadelphia, PA 19102-8430