Financial – Remington Rifle Defective Trigger Lawsuit

Remington Firearms Class Action Settlement

Remington Arms Company LLC has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit, which alleged that the company sold firearms with defective triggers to customers. The settlement revolves around a lawsuit filed by Ian Pollard in 2013, in which he accused the company of selling him a firearm with a defective trigger mechanism, which caused his riffle to fire unexpectedly.

Remington has denied the allegations, but agreed to settle the case to avoid future trial expenses. A Missouri federal judge granted preliminary approval for the class action settlement on 14th April 2015. A final fairness hearing will be held on 14th December 2015 to determine if the settlement should be approved.

Class members are defined as the following:

1) Anyone who currently owns a Remington firearm mode 600, 660, 673, 700, 710, 715, 721, 722, 725, 770, 78, Seven, Sportsman and XP-100, which have a trigger mechanism that uses a trigger connector.
2) Anyone who currently owns Remington rifles model 700 and Seven, which have an X-Mark Pro trigger mechanism whose manufacture date is between 1st May 2006 and 9th April 2014. Class members who fall in this category must have not been part of the product recall process conducted by X-Mark Pro before 14th April 2015.
3) All current and former owners of Remington rifles model 700 and Seven who incurred expenses when replacing the original tiger mechanism with that of X-Mark Pro.

What are the settlement benefits?

Class members can receive one of the following benefits according to the terms of the settlement:

1) A new X-Mark Pro trigger mechanism or another trigger mechanism that does not use a connector
2) A voucher code that they can redeem at Remington online store
3) A refund of the expenses incurred when replacing their firearm’s trigger mechanism.

In addition to any of the above benefits, all eligible class members will receive a firearm safe handling practices DVD. Class members must file a claim using an online form found at by filing a claim using an online form found at in order to receive the benefits.

The class settlement claims are administered by Angeion Group. Any questions regarding the settlement can be addressed to them by mail (Suite 660, 1801 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19103) or through phone (1-800-876-5940).