Lawsuit – Charming Charlie Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Charming Charlie Class Action Settlement Lawsuit

  • Provides info on the Anderson Butler v. Charming Charlie class action lawsuit
  • Case is being adjudicated in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California (Case No. 14-cv-01921-WBS-AC)
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This case revolves around Charming Charlie and allegations that they illegally requested personal information from their customers. Plaintiffs allege that Charming Charlie requested customers’ address and phone information as part of credit-card transactions at their sales locations, which is in violation of California state law. The settlement class involves all persons who made a credit card purchase at a Charming Charlie location between 7/9/13 and 7/29/15 and were requested to provide personal info. For its part, Charming Charlie denies all allegations and maintains that the Settlement Class is not entitled to relief. They have agreed to the settlement for the express purpose of avoiding a costly and protracted trial.

Important dates regarding the Charming Charlie Class Action Settlement Lawsuit

  • 7/29/15 preliminary approval order entered
  • 10/12/15 exclusion request deadline
  • 10/12/15 objection deadline
  • 10/12/15 claim filing deadline
  • 11/2/15 fairness hearing

Those who qualify to be part of the settlement class will receive a voucher, which is redeemable at Charming Charlie locations in California. Charming Charlie has agreed pay the Settlement Class a total of $350,000, and the precise amount of each individual voucher will depend on the amount of total Class Members. Class Members do have the right to opt out of the settlement if they wish to bring a separate lawsuit against Charming Charlie. However, doing so will forfeight any reward from this class action settlement.

Contacting the Charming Charlie Class Action Settlement Lawsuit

  • Anderson-Butler Charming Charlie Settlement Claims Administrator, c/o Dahl Administration, PO Box 3614, Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614