Survey – SmashBurger Customer Survey

SmashBurger Customer Survey:

  • Customers who have recently dined at a Smashburger location are invited to participate in this survey to evaluate their experience while patronizing one of the restaurants
  • In order to complete this survey, you will need several important pieces of information which can be found on your receipt which you received at the time of transaction
  • Your survey will be specific to your visit, therefore, your check number (found on your receipt) must be provided and the survey should be shorty after your visit (code valid for 30 days)
  • All of the information needed to initiate the survey can be found near the top of your receipt – a graphic on the survey webpage provides a graphic of where the information is found

Smashburger is a popular US based eatery which is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.  There are currently over 370 Smashburger businesses throughout the United States (this total includes both corporate owned and franchise owned business locations).  One key metric used by businesses to determine how to make future improvements is customer satisfaction.  This complicated business phrase can best be simplified as “were you happy with your visit”.  Thanks to the internet, many businesses are turning to online surveys which allows them to gather thousands of reviews and suggestions.  When you have enough responses, you now have a powerful tool which will allow you to identify trends in responses which present areas to improve upon – ultimately this will in theory benefit your long term business results.

Additional Information about the Smashburger Survey:

  • Upon completion of the survey you will receive a code for a discount on future visits – this code is valid for 30 days
  • The Smashburger survey is powered by the marketing resource company “Market Firm”
  • If you need assistance finding the information from your receipt, follow the red circles and arrows to determine proper placement of the requested information