Tech – Postmates Delivery Service Application

Postmates Delivery Service Application:

  • Postmates is an innovative, new delivery service which operates throughout the United States and has expanded in to numerous cities since its recent beginnings
  • In order to begin the application process, applicants will need to provide their email address and create a password – this information will be used in the future to access your profile
  • Postmates is similar to some other well known technology based applications such as Uber which allows their drivers to create their own schedule and work whenever they choose
  • The Postmate service is available in many major cities but they are not only looking for drivers – in many locales, Postmate deliver service people deliver by foot, scooter, or car

Postmates is gaining in popularity as a new option to get the foods or items you need without having to leave your home or office.  Many restaurants have great food that is both nutritious and reasonably priced, but there is one big problem when the craving hits – this restaurant does not deliver!  Postmates is addressing this all to common problem by providing a service which allows for delivery of food outside of the restaurant itself.  Instead, you simply place your order, a Postmate deliverer will pick up your delivery and bring it to your location.  Payment is made through the Postmate application.  Postmate advertises that people who deliver can at times make up to $25 per hour and they are also eligible to receive tips.

Additional Information about Postmates and Postmates Application Process:

  • To complete the application process you will need to provide some basic background information about yourself to confirm you are eligible to deliver
  • Once you have been approved with Postmates you can then log in at anytime to start earning money and making deliveries
  • A full list of cities where Postmate operates can be found on the main Postmates webpage