Lawsuit – Wendy’s Data Breach Class Action Settlement

Wendy’s Data Breach Class Action Settlement – For Impacted Customers Only

First and foremost, this class action lawsuit only applies to customers who made purchases using a credit or debit card between October 25th, 2015 and June 28th, 2016 at Wendy locations which were impacted by the data breach.  Customers can find if their location was impacted here and only locations where purchases where made are eligible for this settlement class.  There are two ways which claims can be filed – documented claims which allow up to $5,000 in reimbursement or undocumented claims which allows up to $30 in reimbursement.

This data breach was the result of malware which was present at point of purchase locations (the impacted locations) where personal data may have been obtained when electronic payments (debit or credit cards) were used.  Wendy’s denies any wrongdoing and this settlement is not an admission of any fault but rather a settlement to prevent further legal proceedings.

Individuals who are eligible for this claim must have made electronic purchases at an affected location and must also have spent time remedying the issue (as in, time spent making sure their stolen information did not affect them).  Only claimants who submit a claim will be eligible to receive an sort of compensation.  Class members of the settlement can also exclude themselves from the claim.

How Customers Can Submit Their Claim Online:

Claimants will need to visit the main settlement website ( and fill out the entire claim for for submission.  During the claim submission process you will have to provide your documentation of out of pocket expenses in order to receive any compensation for these specific expenses.  If you do not have any documentation, you can still file a claim without documentation but will only be able to receive reimbursement for 2 hours of your time fixing the issue at $15 per hour at a total reimbursement of $30.  Submitting a claim will require you to provide:

  • Your personal and contact information for filing your form
  • Confirmation of electronic payment (debit or credit card)
  • The location  your purchase was made
  • Documentation of your expenses fixing the issue
  • Time spent if undocumented (1 or 2 hours)

The final hearing for this settlement is scheduled for February 25th, 2019 but claims must be submitted prior to be considered part of the class.  If the final hearing received approval, payments will be made based on the results of the final hearing.

Claim Website and Contact: