Lawsuit – Mercedes-Benz Seat Heater Class Action Settlement

Mercedes-Benz Seat Heater Class Action Settlement:

Mercedes Benz customers who owned or leased a car which has heated seats (model years between 2000-2007 – additional details on affected details below) may be affected by a preliminary approval of a class action settlement.  This class action suit is in regards to heated seats which may have been susceptible to over heating potentially cause sparks or burns in the seat.  This settlement will provide refunds for repairs to the seat heater and will also cover repairs which may still need to be made to affected vehicles.  There are multiple claim for available and depending on what you are eligible for under the claim will determine which claim form you would be required to complete and send in for possible reimbursement or repairs.

Important Aspects of The Mercedes-Benz Heated Seat Settlement:

  • Customers who purchased or leased a 2000-2007 ML-Class, 2007 GL- Class Mercedes-Benz or 2006-2007 R-Class Mercedes Benz may be an eligible member of this class settlement (car must have been equipped with a seat heater)
  • There are several important dates relating to this settlement: The hearing was preliminary approved on September 18,2017, claims must be submitted by January 12, 2018, and the Fairness hearing will be on March 5th, 2018
  • Customers who elect to take no action will have a portion of any necessary future repairs covered in the event that related damages would occur – no claim needs to be filed in this case

Class action suits often require affected members to make claims to have any possible coverage.  The Mercedes-Benz Heated Seat Settlement does have an exception to this in that part of the settlement requires coverage for a portion of future repairs required due to heated seat damages in the future if customers do not file a claim.  For customers who have already have had to make repairs or elect to have repairs made to prevent damages a claim will need to be filed using the correct claim document.


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