Banking – IRS Pin Number


  • Get an IP PIN and protect your social security number
  • Get your IP PIN online once your provide the necessary information
  • PIN renews every December

Let’s face it, dealing with the IRS isn’t most folks’ idea of a good time. But believe it or not, they want to make the tax-paying process as smooth as possible. That means helping to combat fraud. Those who have experienced identity theft know all too well how a stolen social security number can negatively impact all aspects of a life. It can ruin credit and cause a host of legal problems. And no one wants all this appearing on a tax form. Now the IRS is offering improved security for taxpayers in the form of the Identity Protection Personal Identification number. This is a six-digit number designed to help stop the fraudulent use of stolen SSI numbers on tax documents. It is separate from an e-file signature PIN.

How to get your IP PIN

  • Visit the promotional page (see below)
  • Determine your eligibility according to the information on the site
  • Gather your info (SSN, date of birth, email address, etc.) – this will be necessary to find the PIN associated with the correct individual
  • Click the “Get an IP PIN” tab
  • Create a login ID which will be specific to you PIN
  • Enter your information when prompted

Those who do opt for the IP PIN should know that once it has been issued, the taxpayer must use it on all federal income tax returns. Anyone who loses their IP PIN number can retrieve it by visiting the promotional site and following the steps listed on the page. Those who are having problems retrieving their PIN, or who need to report SSN theft, can do so through the IRS Identity Theft Specialized Unit.

Contacting the IRS

  • 800-829-1040