Financial Promotional – Vonage Rebate Center and Reward Tracking

Vonage Rebate Center and Reward Tracking:

  • If you have a current rebate/reward with Vonage and need to inquire in to the status of this rebate you can visit this website to look up the current status of your rebate
  • To look up the status of your Vonage reward you can do this without any complicated information – you only need to provide your full name and the zip code applicable to the rebate
  • If you are having a hard time finding your rebate/reward you may want to try entering your email address which will help to refine the search and narrow down the results
  • Vonage rebates/rewards are initiated once a customer’s retention time frame has been met – the rebate/reward will be process approximately 4 weeks from this time

Vonage is a home and business phone service company which provides customers a new option for phone service.  Unlike traditional phone services which come with expense upfront installation and equipment fees, Vonage has sought to eliminate these headaches by providing a phone service which is consistent with 21st century technology.  Their popular plans require high speed internet connections but allow for unlimited calling (in many cases, see actual plan for specifics) to many locations.  For many customers who have made the switch to Vonage, this has meant no more expensive phone company payments and surprises such as going over your minutes (a common cell phone problem) or surprise long distance fees.

Additional Information about Vonage Rewards:

  • Your reward will not be processed until you have been a Vonage Customer for the specified time outlined in your offer agreement
  • Vonage works by making use of existing high speed internet connection – this circumvents the traditional (and ancient) phone services used by major phone companies
  • VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is the basis for voice connectivity without phone service