Educational Lawsuit – Illinois Judici Welcome Page

Illinois Judici Welcome Page:

  • Individuals can search court cases and pay citations through this website which services Illinois courts located in counties across the state of Illinois
  • There are currently 78 courts throughout the state which participate in the Judici network – this website does not charge a cost to users for search functions
  • If you are looking up a public court case or payment for a citation you must select the court which issued the citation from the drop down menu and then select the “Go” tab
  • This website also offers premium services for attorneys to search cases and issue documents as well as services for background checks

If you are attempting to pay a citation which has been issued to you by visiting this website you will need to have know the court which issued the citation.  The court will be designated by the county which the court resides.  Once you select the correct county, you can then proceed with the payment or search process.  Citation fees can be paid for two types of balances – cases which have been closed and a fine remains, or minor traffic violations which allow the offenders to plead guilty and proceed with payment.  There are three ways to search for you case number using the Judici system.  Users can search for their case by name (full first and last name), you can search by entering your ticket number, or you can enter your case number.  Once you have found the correct case which corresponds to the payment you owe you can then proceed with finalizing your payment.

Additional Information about Judici Illinois Court Page:

  • Login credentials are required to access the Multicourt, Courtlook, and Court Report features of this website
  • If you are registerd user you will need to provide your User ID and password to access your account
  • Judici is not operated by an Illinois court system