Educational – Texas Failure To Appear Department of Public Safety

Texas Failure To Appear Department of Public Safety:

  • If you are currently part of the Texas Department of Public Safety Failure to Appear or Failure to Pay system you will need to resolve this prior to renewal of your drivers license
  • Accessing your information through the website will require two important pieces of information – your drivers license number (found on your license) as well as your date of birth
  • To begin the search process for your information you can navigate to the search tab where you will be asked to provide the above mentioned information in the requested fields
  • Once you have submitted your information you can proceed with the resolution steps – once your failure to appear or failure to pay has been resolved you can request license renewal

If you have received notification of a failure to appear of a failure to pay it is likely due to a citation you received which went unresolved.  When a citation is issued, the driver must resolve the citation in order for this to be cleared.  This may involve paying a fine or appearing in court.  Failure to abide to this may result in you receiving a failure to appear letter which will need to be resolved.

Once you have identified your citation you can view the payment amount and payment can be issued to the court which issued to citation.  You will need to check with the issuing court to determine payment methods, etc.

Additional Information about Texas Failure to Appear Database:

  • If you would prefer viewing this site in Spanish you can click on the Spanish tab which will direct you to a version of the website in Spanish
  • Some court may offer online payment methods but you will need to determine how payment can be issued to your specific court in order to resolve your failure to appear/pay