Financial – Target Prepaid Gift Card Balance Check

Target Prepaid Gift Card Balance Check:

  • Target Gift Card holders can visit this website to check the current balance of their gift card, view transaction history of the card, and manage your account
  • You will need information from your card in order to access your balance and your account history so it is necessary that you have the card available at time of checking balance
  • To begin the process you will be requested to provide your full 16 digit card number, the card expiration date and the CVV which is a three digit security code on the back of your card
  • Once you have provided this information you can access your card to see up to date information regarding your balance

Target is a very popular US retailer and with the rise in popularity of prepaid gift cards, many consumers require a convenient way to review their current gift card balance.  Target has provided this website as a way for card holders to quickly review their card balance and their transaction history.

This website can be used for Target Visa Gift Cards, Target MasterCard Gift Cards, or Target Visa Prepaid Cards – there is no separate site designed for each card, simply provide your card information as requested regardless of which card you are attempting to review the balance for.   Target gift cards and prepaid cards are issued by The Bancorp Bank or MetaBank but both cards can be viewed through this website.

Additional Information about Target Gift Card and Prepaid Card Balance:

  • If you need to reset or select PIN number for your card you will need to log in through this website and navigate to PIN Management
  • If you have a lost or stolen card you need to contact customer service directly in order to begin the process of card replacement