Promotional – AT&T Customer Rewards Center

AT&T Customer Rewards Center:

  • In order to access your rewards you will need to have provide your AT&T Reward Claim Number and then select go in order to pull up for specific reward
  • If you do not have a claim code you can simply provide your account number and the zip code associated with your account which will also allow you to access your rewards
  • If you need to track your reward status you can find your claim number and the deadline to claim your reward in the letter your received from AT&T
  • Additional rewards will need to be claimed on a one reward basis – if you have multiple rewards you will need to complete the process for each reward

If you have made an eligible AT&T purchase or a service was provided that included an AT&T reward you can visit this website to track your reward progress, claim your reward or activate your reward.  Your reward notification should come within several weeks of making your eligible service installation or purchase.  If you do not claim your reward by the indicated deadline, your reward will not be able to be claimed at a later date.

Once you have provided your claim number or account information you can then claim your reward.  You can also provide your contact information at this time in order to allow you to track your reward.  Once your new reward card has arrived you will also need to visit the reward center to activate the rewards card.

Additional Information about AT&T Rewards:

  • If you do not have a claim number you can find your AT&T account number on any billing statement you have received (your zip code will also be on this statement)
  • AT&T rewards are generally processed within 3 weeks of completing the rewards process through the Reward Center