Tech – AT&T Stream Saver Information

AT&T Stream Saver Information:

  • Steam Saver is a new feature being offered to AT&T customers which allows consumers to take advantage of a feature which passively saves your data – no action is required if your plan is eligible and you turn on this feature
  • The main function of stream saver is to reduce the quality of streaming videos to prevent excesses date use – the best news is that videos will still stream at standard definition (approximately 480p)
  • This feature can be turned on and off at any time – this allows users to revert back from high quality videos when necessary but use lower quality videos when not necessary
  • Stream Saver will automatically be turned on eligible devices but can easily be managed by accessing your online account through myAT&T or by calling 611 on your AT&T phone

One of the biggest hassle most smart phone users have encountered is the constant need for more data.  More data typically means more money and a higher priced plan but Stream Saver is looking to change this financial/data conundrum.  Stream Saver works by reducing the quality of the video when eligible to use less data than otherwise would have been used.  Many users may be concerned about poor video quality but the truth of the matter is that many streaming videos are designed to be streamed on large devices (such as a television or laptop) and the reduction in quality may be much less noticeable on a device such as a smart phone.  Regardless, if you are not satisfied with the reduction in quality and are not concerned about your data limits, simply turn the function off.

Additional Information about AT&T Stream Saver:

  • This feature is also available for AT&T GoPhones – customers will be notified in the even that the service is activated
  • This service only applies to video stream over cellular network – streaming over WiFi would not be affected by this service