Educational Tech – Redeem your Steam Wallet Codes

Redeem your Steam Wallet Codes:

  • Registered Steam users can login in to their accounts and redeem their Steam Wallet codes which can be used for in game purchases and other Steam services
  • If you are not yet a registered Steam user, an account can be created which allow you to redeem the Steam Wallet code – a valid email is required to create an account
  • Steam Gift Cards and Steam Wallet Cards can both be redeemed on this website – both redemption options allow users to make purchases of steam products
  • Wallet Codes can be purchased at retail locations across the world and once purchased the credit can be added to your account at any time

Steam is an online gaming service and community which provides a platform for gamers across the world to easily access and play Steam Powered such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Team Fortress and many more.   Users can download the Steam platform which allows them to access all of their steam account information and game information.  Once the account is created users can access their game library, their online community of friends, and all other entertainment options provided through Steam.

Steam is compatible with PC, Mac and Linux computer platforms which allows for an all inclusive gaming community.  Features of Steam which set it apart from other online gaming community include the ease of purchasing and playing games through instant downloads which can be paid for using credit in your Steam Wallet or through other forms of payment such as credit card or a PayPal account.

Additional Information about Steam Services and Steam Wallet:

  • Steam Wallet funds are not transferable between accounts and cannot be withdrawn from an account – once added they are associated with that account
  • Your Steam Wallet account funds are visible by logging in to your Steam Account – total funds will be displayed next to your Steam account username
  • If your Steam Wallet code is for a currency not associated with your account the daily currency conversion rates will be applied when deposited