Financial – Student Loan Refinancing Application Page Darien Rowayton Bank

Student Loan Refinancing Application Page Darien Rowayton Bank:

  • This page is for consumers who wish to refinance or learn about the refinancing or consolidation of their student loans through Darien Rowayton Bank
  • Former students who are attempting to refinance or consolidate their prior student loans will find that both private and public students loans may be eligible through this program
  • If you are already a member and have an account through DRB you can login and access your application or online banking account – registration must have previously been completed
  • At this time there is currently no cost for applications completed visiting this website – this application is for a line of credit and proper credit evaluation will be completed by the issuing bank

Student loan debt has been skyrocketing for the past several decades.  Many students graduate college with tens of thousands of dollars of debt.  DR Bank has is providing former students with opportunity to consolidate or refinance existing student loan debt which may allow for savings over the cost of the loan.  One nice aspect of DR Bank compared to some student loan refinance program is that no cost will be applied simply for completing the application and DR Bank promotes that some students have saved over $20,000 by refinancing.  The most important thing to remember when dealing with debt is analyzing your interest rate and what your total payment will be over the course of your loan.  If better options exist it is at times wise to considering changing your loan terms with a refinance.

Additional Information about DRB Education Finance:

  • DRB Education Finance offers both variable and fixed rate interest rates for their loans
  • To complete the application you must provide personal and financial information in order for a credit check to be performed – this is standard for any new line of credit