Educational Financial – JCPenney Product Rebates

JCPenney Product Rebates:

  • Customers who have recently purchased items from a JCPenney location can visit this website to get the information necessary to determine if their purchase is eligible for a rebate
  • When visiting this website, products will be listed by name which allows customers to more easily identify the product they purchased – a picture description is also included
  • Once you have identified the product which you purchased you can then select the product and a expanded box will show you which rebates the product is eligible for to access the form
  • Rebates can be narrowed down to select product types to more quickly find the item you are looking for – narrow search results by appliances, small appliances, brands and more

JCPenney Rebates are offered on select products and consumers who have purchased a product which is eligible for a rebate can complete the necessary rebate form to initiate the rebate process.  Most of the forms which you can access from this page will be available as a PDF which can then be completed and mailed to the correct destination.  Most rebate forms will request the product information such as serial numbers and product numbers.  You will also need to include some personal information so that the rebate can be properly sent to you once the form has been processed.

One important thing to note with all rebate programs is that they often have dates which must be adhered to.  Some rebate offers will only honor rebates which are submitted before a spcific date so it is essential to be aware of any required deadlines for rebate submission.

Additional Information about JCPenney Rebates:

  • Adobe reader is required to view PDF downloads – many computers will have this installed but there is a link provided at the rebate website if this download is needed
  • The rebate form will often require you to provide the receipt of purchase or the order confirmation – be sure to retain these documents