Educational Promotional – Smunday Petition To Make a New National Holiday

Smunday Petition To Make a New National Holiday:

  • Heinz is promoting their products with a thought provoking idea to create a new national holiday after the Big Game due to the struggle which is the day of work following the game
  • Their goal is to achieve one hundred thousand signatures through this website which is hosted through which is a widely used site for crowd sourced petitioning of ideas
  • Signing the petition will require you to provide some fairly basic information about yourself which includes your first and last name, your address, and email address
  • This webpage features information which supports the idea that perhaps we should all reconsider the idea of going to work after the big game and instead make it a national holiday

Currently there are about 10 national holidays that are recognized by states across the United States of America.  These holidays represent significant days which we collectively recognize are best spent not at work.  Heinz, which is famous for their condiments such as Heinz Ketchup and Heinz Mustard are promoting their products this Super Bowl Season with a new idea which will likely be very popular among the employed.  The thought is simple – since everyone hates going to work the day after the super bowl and because studies have already proven there is a dramatic decrease in work productivity – why not have the day off entirely and recognize it as a national holiday?  This fun idea is looking for support and if enough signatures are reached, the petition will be moved along to the proper channels.

Additional Information about this Petition Page:

  • is a major petition website which allows anyone to create a petition which can then be presented to congress if necessary signatures are achieved
  • The petition can only be signed once by an individual in order to make sure the petition reflects the true number of signatures