Financial Promotional – Chevron Customer Rebate and Promotion Center

Chevron Customer Rebate and Promotion Center:

  • Chevron customers who purchased qualifying products can visit the main Rebate and Promotion page to review product rebate availability and begin the rebate process
  • Current offers are listed for each product and consumers can select to view the details of the offer and file a rebate which will direct you to the rebate form page for that offer
  • To file a rebate with Chevron you will need to provide your customer information, purchase location information, product information, and proof of purchase
  • Once you have filed your claim you can then submit and check your claim status through the Chevron Promotion Website by navigating to the claim status link

Chevron provides rebate offers for customers for a variety of their products and the offers can be reviewed and rebates can be filed through the main promotion page.  Rebates can be submitted through mail but many consumers choose to do so online due to the ease of submitting the rebate form.  Customers will be required to provide a variety of information (customer and store information) as well as proof of purchase.  Proof of purchase can easily be provided online by uploading a picture of your receipt to your claim submission.

If you are attempting to view the status of your rebate you can do so by selecting the claim status and providing your Claim ID.  Customers can also view the status of their rebate by providing their name and zip code if they do not have a Claim ID available.

More Highlights Regarding the Chevron Promotion Rebate Page:

  • The list of products available provides details of the rebate as well as the period the rebate is available (valid through dates are listed next to the product)
  • If you are registered with Chevron Promotions  you can visit the login link and provide your username and password to login to your account


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